Customer Service

Cue Play Records is committed to respecting the Intellectual Property Rights of others.

If you have found that someone else has plagiarized or violates your copyrighted work, you need to file a copyright claim by sending an email detailing your case to with all the required information.

Claims must be submitted by the copyright owner or an authorized agent to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

In accordance with the musical representation agreement of each artist, Cue Play Records reserves the right to terminate any client or supplier that expressly violates international copyright statutes.

    Each country and region is governed by different laws regarding the use of digital music reproduction in public places for DJ performances.

    Buying a track on a digital portal like Cue Play Records is like buying a record at the record store.

    It is recommended that in international presentations you inform yourself in advance of the possible restrictions on the public reproduction of music.

    You should always keep proof of purchase for each track to demonstrate the legal purchase of it.

    In some countries you may even need to have written permission from the track’s author to play it in public.